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A Conversation on the Why, What, and How of Mastery Learning

The following is the presentation and facilitated activities at a Mastery Transcript Consortium meeting held on May 6, 2019

This is the beginning of a conversation about the why, what, and how of Mastery Learning. The activities are designed so that you can take them home to your school and your team…… Read More

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Insights from the K12 CBE Experience for Higher Education

I had the opportunity to join a discussion regarding efforts in higher education to create meaningful credentials, establish competencies as currency and streamline the intersection of education-workforce development-employer. As I listened to the conversation I started thinking about ways that K-12 can inform the efforts in higher education. Or the broader question: What are the lessons learned and opportunities that could advance a stronger human development system (the term human capital makes me uncomfortable) that would overcome historical patterns of inequity?….. Read More

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The traditional education system is getting in our way. We can do better. It’s time we update our schools to be based on what we know is best for students and for learning. Modern schools start with students being active, engaged and motivated learners.

Founded by Chris Sturgis, co-founder of CompetencyWorks and a leader in competency education, LearningEdge can help you on the path towards modernizing your school. You don’t have to be confused by all those terms — mastery, personalized, competency-based education, project-based learning and student-centered. What’s important is to build a shared vision and a shared understanding of how schools and learning experiences need to be designed for students to become lifelong learners with the know-how to apply academic knowledge and skills to solve real-world problems. LearningEdge can help.