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KAPPA International: The Story of Angelica

Story of Angelica

Angelica was a model student at KAPPA International. She had a good attitude, did her homework, always went for the extra credit, participated in class, and had a 90 in all of her classes. But then she failed the Earth Science Regents Exam…… Read More

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Locations: New York

R5 High School: Abuzz with Learning

This article is part of a series Designing Performance-Based Learning at D51 series originally published at ComepetencyWorks in March 2017. A reminder: D51 uses the phrase performance-based learning or P-BL.

One of the reasons I believe D51 is going to be successful in implementing performance-based learning is that they already have a 100 percent strategy in place,….. Read More

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Locations: Colorado

CBE at Harvard

What fun it was to gather together at Harvard University Graduate School of Education for a conversation on competency-based education. It was also truly humbling to once again be reminded of how difficult it is to convey the core concepts of competency education without falling down a rabbit hole of misconceptions rooted in the beliefs that drive the traditional system…… Read More

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What’s the Difference Between Microcredentials and Badges?

by Chris Sturgis

I’m at the IMS Global Digital Credentials Summit and my head is spinning. Everything is competency. Employers are creating competencies for all their positions. They are struggling to develop skill frameworks that are robust enough to have several levels of knowledge and skills, flexible enough that employees can build and demonstrate knowledge and skills in multiple ways,….. Read More

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