Quality Design Principle #8: Design for the Development of Rigorous Higher-Level Skills

“What is honors? We realized that it wasn’t more work, or faster. It was deeper learning, something all students should have access to.”

– Jennifer Gay, Personalized Learning Project Manager, Luella High School, Henry County School District, GA, 2016


Competency-based education supports students to not only learn academic content,….. Read More

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Classroom Assessment is About Closing Gaps

by Chris Sturgis

I have never been a teacher. Thus, I don’t write very much about instruction and assessment as my knowledge base is about the size of a raindrop compared to the sea of knowledge that teachers tap into every day. I simply don’t have enough knowledge to know where to focus or the types of questions to ask…… Read More

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A Deeper Dive into the EPIC North Design (Part 2)

This series on Epic North High School, originally published at CompetencyWorks, was based on site visits in 2014 and 2016. See also South Bronx Community High School for another school using the EPIC model.

The EPIC North school design is best explained by the students themselves…… Read More

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A Conversation on the Why, What, and How of Mastery Learning

The following is the presentation and facilitated activities at a Mastery Transcript Consortium meeting held on May 6, 2019

This is the beginning of a conversation about the why, what, and how of Mastery Learning. The activities are designed so that you can take them home to your school and your team…… Read More

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A Primer on the NZ Education System

There are lots of reasons to go to New Zealand. The beauty of the country is well known. Their national effort to create a multi-cultural nation that fully respects and embraces the Maori community as well as Pasifika and others is inspirational. And their system of education, as well as their boldness in revamping it over the past 30 years,….. Read More

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Locations: New Zealand

UMPI: Eliminating Remediation

This post part of a series on the University of Maine at Presque Isle originally posted at CompetencyWorks in 2016. 

One of the most fascinating discussions that was woven throughout my day at the University of Maine at Presque Isle was about the potential (and issues) of deeper alignment with high schools…… Read More

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