Pt. England Primary: Creating a Culture of Respect, Belonging and Learning

This is the fourth article in the series Baskets of Knowledge from Aotearoa New Zealand, which highlights insights from a totally different education system about what is possible in transforming our education system. Read the first article here.

Everything starts with the value of respect at Pt…… Read More

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Locations: New Zealand

Waukesha STEM Academy’s Journey from ABC to the Learner Continuum (Part 4)

This article, originally posted at CompetencyWorks is based on site visits in 2017 on personalized, proficiency-based education in Wisconsin.

The transition of Waukesha STEM Academy (WSA) to a personalized, proficiency-based system didn’t happen overnight. Principal James Murray and the team at WSA started down this road in 2010,….. Read More

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Locations: Wisconsin